Midas Capital UI Walkthrough

Quick explanation of the UI elements

Main Page

  1. Current network, click to switch networks.

  2. Wallet connected.

  3. Button to switch dark/light modes.

  4. Midas Capital socials.

  1. To see all pools across multiple networks, click 'All Pools', if you want to see the pools on the specific network, click on the icon of the network.

  2. To see more information about the pool without leaving the main page, click on the arrow icon on the right.

Pool Page

Click on the pool you want to deposit to, to open pool page.

Midas dApp UI can be confusing for some, if you are not sure what each UI element mean, simply hover over it with your mouse to see a tooltip.​

When borrowing assets from Midas pools, keep an eye on the borrow limit to not get liquidated.

To learn more about Midas pools and how to use them visit our guides section.

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